Soliton I2C Validation Suite
Soliton Technologies

Soliton’s I2C Validation Suite allows users to verify protocol timings spec compliance and perform break-the-part-validation of the I2C interface for any I2C Slave Device.



The I2C Validation suite lets users configure & skew/shmoo bus timing parameters, induce glitches, induce packet formation faults, sweep voltage parameters and measure bus timing parameters. The tool also sweeps the rise/fall time of the Clock and Data lines to validate the min/max limits. The suite works with Digital Pattern (PXIe-6570 and 6571) and HSDIO (PXIe-6556 and 6555) cards. The tool generates a compliance report in text format, besides a log of every I2C transaction result, a digital scope shot of each transaction and details of the sweeps that were run. The I2C validation suite can be accessed as an engine from any programming language using our interface APIs (DLLs).