Soliton's SPI Validation Suite
Soliton Technologies

Soliton’s SPI Validation Suite allows users to verify protocol timings compliance and perform break-the-part-validation of the Serial Peripheral Interface for any SPI Slave Device.



The SPI Validation suite lets users configure & skew/shmoo bus timing parameters, induce glitches, induce packet formation faults, sweep voltage parameters and measure bus timing parameters. The tool also sweeps the rise/fall time of the Clock and Data lines to validate the min/max limits. The SPI Validation suite works with Digital Pattern (PXIe-6570 and 6571) and HSDIO (PXIe-6556 and 6555) cards. The tool can be setup and compliance report can be generated in a day or two for any device. The SPI validation suite can be accessed as an engine from any programming language using our interface APIs (DLLs).