RADAR Safety Controller
TCB Engineers

RADAR system controller capable of detecting and reacting to adverse conditions within a few micro-seconds based on the sbRIO-series of embedded controllers.



Success was measured by the ability to accomplish micro-second reaction time while remaining immune to false triggering in the adverse electromagnetic environment of a RADAR shack. TCB Engineers chose an sbRIO embedded controller as a basis for the design and developed custom electronics assemblies for filtering and power conversion. Packaging consisted of a custom 3U rack chassis, including LCD display and Ethernet administration interface. The potential for high voltage and/or high levels of EMI coupling into the assembly necessitated the design of robust & capable I/O protection circuits, precluding the use of a conventional sbRIO-mezzanine design. The sbRIO FPGA provided a high-speed platform to host critical safety functionality, while the Power PC side provided familiar access to administrative functionality.