A customisable Cyber-Physical-Systems Platform based on the SOM

This platform has been used in a rugged 24/7 outdoor application. It enabled the sunflower solar plant to achieve an efficiency of 80% from solar.



The key was to connect the LabVIEW environment to dozens of sensors, actuators and communication channels that required full custom electronic hardware and software design (low level drivers). This has been achieved with the sbRIO-9651 System-On-Module that is plugged into a standard carrier board. This smart embedded system moves the dish continuously towards the sun with closed-loop control that implemented in the FPGA. The drivers for the specific electronic devices have been programmed in C/Eclipse and made accessible in LabVIEW-Environment through the Call-Library-Node. Schmid Elektronik was able to leverage its 10 years LabVIEW-Embedded experience into this 24/7 outdoor application. The CPS-Platform can be modified and customized to any other measurement and control application with their specific I/O hard- and software.










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NIDays Switzerland 2015 - System on Module, The Dish using HCPVT Technology