Boosting Up Production Volumes of EAS Capacitors
Prevas AB

Prevas helped ThinFilm, producer of printed electronics, in developing a measurement system to test up to 1000 EAS capacitors per second in their production.



For a new way of producing the components, the traditional approach to production testing had to change to be faster. The new solution is based on forced voltages and nano-Ampere current measurement with several devices tested in parallel. Prevas built the tester with NI PXI power supplies for fast cycling of sourced voltage and PXI switches to let the probe stay still for a longer time. The system has 16 parallel power supply channels and 1280 switch input channels. The software architecture allows parallel tests and uses plug-ins for high degree of flexibility. Main application runs on PXI embedded controller and application for handling results on database machine. The project reached its goals on time making the customer very satisfied.