Using LabVIEW and the Vision Development Module to Create a Plate Quality Inspection System
Sciotex (formerly Coleman Technologies, Inc.)

A conveyor-based automated inspection system that can visually inspect more than 50 types of dinnerware plates and bowls for a variety of hard-to-identify defects.



Using National Instruments image acquisition software and hardware, along with advanced image analysis routines developed with the NI LabVIEW Vision Development Module, to develop a five-camera plate quality inspection system (PQIS) that uses three conveyors placed end to end in order to inspect both the top and bottom surfaces of the plates at the gap between conveyors and using NI LabVIEW software to develop a custom laser triangulation algorithm to acquire high-resolution 3D plate and bowl models as they pass through the system. The manufacturer selected CTI based on the relatively low cost of our proposed system and our extensive experience in creating solutions for challenging machine vision applications.










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Plate Quality Inspection System Video