Using LabVIEW, the Vision Development Module, and DAQ to Perform Deep-Tissue Cell Imaging
Sciotex (formerly Coleman Technologies, Inc.)

Using the adaptive optics microscope with NI technology, researchers can obtain deeper tissue images with greater clarity than ever before.



CTI is a NI Silver Alliance Partner with extensive expertise in scientific application development and serves numerous universities, foundations, medical device, and pharmaceutical companies. With several scientists with PhDs on staff, CTI is experienced in developing advanced imaging systems and custom image analysis software. The Challenge: Controlling a microscope that employs adaptive optics to reduce blurring in the imaging of deep-tissue biological samples by orders of magnitude relative to what is attainable with current state-of-the-art microscopy. The Solution: Using LabVIEW software, S Series data acquisition(DAQ) devices, a real-time system integration(RTSI) connection, and multiple third-party instruments to synchronously scan/acquire data, as well as the Vision Development Module to process data & send corrections to a spatial light modulator(SLM) in real time.