EV Test Cell Control and Data Acquisition System
Austin Consultants Ltd

A complete off-the-shelf solution for deterministic real-time testing of components or full vehicle eDyno.



The rapid rate of electric vehicle (EV) development, combined with new technology implementations and complexity is driving the demand for new test systems. To meet this demand test cells, require a much more modular approach. This platform-oriented system provides a low-cost route to a reconfigurable, flexible, modular, and expandable solution. Incorporating tools to rapidly deploy, configure and replicate high-speed deterministic modelling and control (hardware-in-the-loop), it includes features such as an open extensible architecture, intuitive test sequencing and scripting via a Python scripting engine and dynamic in-test user interface configuration. Its open platform provides greater flexibility for model integration, custom sensors and Integration with existing systems, including cell service control, as well as providing comprehensive coverage of all of test cases.