TriboDAQ - Ultrasonic Pulser-Receiver-Digitiser
Tribosonics Ltd

The TriboDAQ is a small form factor ultrasonic pulser receiver and digitising platform for use in a wide range of testing, monitoring and inspection applications.



The TriboDAQ is designed to work with and without a PC connection. When connected to a PC the system can be controlled using Tribosonics Ltd software platform. The TriboDAQ can be expanded through the use of add-on boards and programmable processors. The TriboDAQ combines a square-wave pulser, a 0-110dB low noise amplifier, a 12 bit 100MSps digitiser, and a powerful FPGA and microprocessor. Wired communication options include USB, RS232, and Ethernet. Wireless options include WiFi, GSM, Zigbee, and Bluetooth. External inputs such as analogue and digital signals can be acquired by the system along with encoder inputs. Coupled with the facility of a thermocouple in, TriboDAQ is a low cost solution for many next generation ultrasonic measurement and monitoring applications