NI PXIe-6592 ARINC-818 Protocol Test Solution
New Wave Design and Verification, LLC

Test-oriented card with four independent ports of ARINC-818 transmit or receive at 1/2/3/4/6G data rates. LabVIEW integrated with an included support library of VIs.



The New Wave DV ARINC-818 test instrument provides a complete hardware and LabVIEW software solution for the ARINC-818 protocol. The ARINC-818 hardware instrument provides full specification compliance, hardware-based container processing, and offload of frame handling including: ARINC-818 Container offload, hardware-based Video Object processing, DMA controller, frame building/checking, CRC generation/checking, error injection/checking, and frame rate configuration. The hardware is fully integrated with the LabVIEW test stand, allowing users to focus on test-case development instead of protocol development. Included is a fully functional example GUI to setup, control, and status-check the four ARINC-818 ports. The GUI and LabVIEW software is user-modifiable, allowing customization for your unique applications. Demonstrations and evaluations of the ARINC-818 instrument are available.