NI PXIe-7902R Ethernet Protocol Test Solution
New Wave Design and Verification, LLC

Test-oriented card with up to 16 independent ports of 10G Ethernet or 4 ports of 40G Ethernet. LabVIEW integrated with included support library of VIs.



The Ethernet Test Instruments integrates up to twelve independent Ethernet interfaces into the LabVIEW environment using the PXIe-7902 card. The FPGA core is designed for test and verification applications and is available with LabVIEW support or Windows C API and can be integrated into LabVIEW TestStand. The Test Instrument can be operated in two modes: In interface mode, the user can control the Ethernet interfaces in real time via software. Test mode is conducted via scripted operations where the user specifies all facets of the transaction including header info, payload, packet type, and cadence/timing of operations before handing off execution to the hardware. During both modes, all incoming and outgoing packets are time stamped, recorded, and logged for user review.