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Novator Solutions Channelization products for spectrum monitoring allow to simultaneously extract and analyze thousands of individually configurable channels from wideband RF signal.



NC-10 and NCR-2000 are products used for online monitoring of RF wideband signal where channelization is done on FPGA chip. With NC-10 it is possible to observe up to 1024 channels simultaneously. Each channel can have individually configurable center frequency, bandwidth, gain and filtering and they can overlap as well. NC-10 is PXIe based instrument that comes with the LabVIEW API, which allows experienced users to integrate it into their systems and transfer either RF data to the device or channels’ data from NC-10. NCR-2000 is a turn-key solution that includes both RF Front End, NC-10 channelization and further processing and UDP streaming and is better option if time saving is the goal for users.










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