Novator Solutions Wideband Data Recorder
Novator Solutions AB

Novator Wideband Recorder is a high-speed recording system based on the PXIe platform, capable of recording up to 765 MHz of bandwidth.



Novator Wideband Recorder (or NWBR, for short) is a scalable and flexible system capable of recording both wide and narrowband signals of different center frequencies and bandwidths. The system is capable of continuously handling high data rates and storing data to the RAID. By providing gapless recording, it is possible to revisit signals behavior and register events missed during real-time observations. NWBR offers remote control capabilities using TCP/IP. Recordings can be triggered in multiple ways, manually, through hardware or software scheduler. Data is saved in binary format which allows users to further analyze them. Customizable metadata can be recorded as well. NWBR-1000 can also provide timestamping, pre-triggering, playback through signal generator and RTSA add-on.