Engine Fuel Injector Characterization with LabVIEW

Increase your fuel injector test platform’s accuracy and speed. DMC’s solution includes automated data collection and analysis, results visualization, and manual control interfaces.



DMC’s solution characterizes fuel injectors for research and product development by optimizing injector control timing. Engineers may characterize fuel injector designs to match them with evolving engine needs. After migrating controls from disparate benchtop instruments to a singular control and data acquisition system capable of measuring and viewing critical parameters, these integrated tools become the basis for a fully automated characterization system. Each injector is characterized to ensure the performance and product. This solution can be scaled up to different product development needs and manufacturing testing. An advanced data viewer is used to mine data for statistical evaluation of injector performance. These LabVIEW data processing tools are best in class, as the NI hardware platform allows scalability without programming changes.