Customized sbRIO/SOM solutions -a one-stop service

We offer customized sbRIO and SOM solutions with integrated programming in LabVIEW to justify the needs and expectations of our customers in a cost-efficient way.



As NI Electronic Design Specialty Alliance Partner, we are experts in developing customized products on sbRIO and SOM basis. We draw our knowledge and experience from solutions gained through a multitude of sbRIO implementations in various environments. From a monitor’s broadband Ethernet connection via real-time control system with CAN to security relevant high voltage infrastructure using FlexRay bus systems, we link sbRIO systems intelligently. We implement precise analog circuits as well as reliable high speed digital systems. We offer support in all different aspects of the development of convincing and cost-effective systems, which fulfill the needs and expectations of our customers. Furthermore we accompany our customers throughout the whole process, implementing their idea: from the concept to the tested product.










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